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She trains the same practice intervals as an elite male athlete (no names mentioned) so a lot less rest at the walls compared to the males. Little recovery time means no opportunity to succeed in the pool during practices and less rest over the week overall. Plus heavy weights, same stuff as the guys. Doesn't make sense. Overtrained, exhausted, sick a lot and discouraged. What is Bob Bowman thinking? She isn't a guy so why a guy's practice just because she's the only girl still left on the squad? Looking at Bowman's track record with females, Kaitlin Sandeno was sick frequently in the months leading up to trials and it may have cost her a spot. Kalyn Keller finally had to pull out the year before trials cuz of an auto immune disorder (crohn's). Hayley Peirsol didn't last long in 2007. Allison Schmitt survived her 6 months with him but was new at the swimming game with lots of room for improvement. Is Bob looking to break the backs and the spirits of his female swimmers when they sign up? looks that way. Something wrong with this picture. Pity his next female victim if one ever joins after Katie. Who knows if the overtraining will push her out of contention for a spot on the team this summer. we'll soon find out. Hopefully she can find a good fit somewhere else next year and up to 2012. someone who cares and wants her to succeed cuz it doesn't seem like Bowman does.

So if this is true, that means Hayley MacGregory isn't swimming for Bob anymore. Neither she nor Thoman were at Santa Clara, nor the Colorado training camp, I think. I heard these concerns when she first joined up with him, but I didn't give them much credence. But his modus operandi is to pretty much destroy his athletes, and those articles a few months back were kind of disturbing with the stories about her breaking down on deck.


First their live feed craps out a minute before MP races, then their entire site shuts down.


Excerpt from her new memoir at Star magazine's website. And Gawker is covering it as well.

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